Top rugs for children’s room

Top rugs for children’s room

Top rugs for children’s room

Fun and playful hand-crafted carpets for kids’ rooms / spaces. We have designed our children’s rugs to not only be cozy underneath your kids’ feet but also to help them play and learn. Colourful, vibrant and woven out of materials that are soft and kind to your little one’s skin, these rugs keep their floors warm. After all, that’s where most kids end up playing. Add some anti-slip overlays beneath them, and use the carpets to turn your kids' room into a whole new world.

Our baby mat has various themes for learning, like numbers, animals, expressions and fruit. It will promote the development of intelligence for your kids! they can learn a lot when they crawling or playing.

Track / Road Rug

Have hours of nonstop fun on your racing track. Race all your dinky cars and set them on fire on this race track rug with different landscapes. Superior quality hand-tufted rectangular shape area rugs are made of best grade wool. Popular woolen area rugs and carpets are handmade and are best for today's interior design and home decor due to its high durability, the fibers are yarn dyed for durability

This modern and contemporary but yet classy Hong Kong and Inspire is a perfect addition to your space. Enhance the interiors of space with bright, vibrant modern indoor area rug / carpet, add this to your room to amplify the beauty and essence of your home decor.

Floral Rug

Kids floral rugs it is made of premium High Quality Acrylic Hand Tufted Modern Design. It has high pile height and it is highly durable & long lasting. It is super bright & colorful! It is available in many exclusive prints! These rugs feature beautiful design Floral pattern to match any decor and give unique, antique and attractive look. One of the other benefits of this baby rug is that it keeps your kid on a soft surface. In that way, if they like to learn things on the floor, or walk their first steps on them give that comfortable feeling with nice cushy area rugs.

Animal / Theme Rug

This fluffy addition to the kid’s room offers a playful and tactile touch to your little one’s space. The rug features contrasting pile heights that add a sensory element to playtime and make it a fun and unique wall rug. We build Designed to impress as well as inspire, these carpets are perfect additions for children's spaces where they dream, create, and rest. These machine made rugs are made of 100% Nylon & Anti Slip Back which is known for its unique soft texture and reduced shedding ability, making them totally kid-friendly.

Rainbow or Multi-Colour Rug

Bright, fun and perfectly sized for a child's room our kids' design choices offer a variety of colours and options to suit any youngster. 100% hand tufted acrylic. Rainbow sizes multi coloured theme carpet, with colorful patterns run on it back and forth. They are definitely going to encourage your kids’ creativity.

Cozy Rug

Available in a selection of fabulous on trend colours and fun, modern and stylish designs the Brooklyn is our heaviest weight heat set frieze range. Made with 100% polypropylene and hand carved the range is not only highly durable but also great quality.

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