Midnight Blue


Studded with genuine Austrian Swarovski crystals that shimmer and sparkle as the light catches them. In pure viscose, its pile has a lustrously rich sheen and is incredibly soft to walk on, so kick off your dancing shoes and luxuriate in the ultimate Hollywood glamour.

Double-backed to ensure minimal shedding.

Sizes: 120 x 170, 160 x 230, 200 x 290cm

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Huacaya Grey

Huacaya Beige

Suri Grey

From high in the Peruvian mountains comes Alpaca wool, renowned for its warmth, softness and hypo-allergenic qualities. Luxmi has combined the yarn with natural lyocell to add a shimmering lustre and bright reflective light quality to these luxuriously smooth handle rugs. Fine Wilton weaving gives clarity, definition and subtle tonal nuance to each design.

Sizes: 120 x 170, 160 x 230, 200 x 290cm

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Beautifully hand-woven and teeming with details, these rugs create a modern twist on traditional Persian designs. Intricate patterns blend perfectly with softly neutral backgrounds, space-dyed for a textured 3D look. In a heavyweight yet soft blend of wool and viscose, these stunning rugs encapsulate vintage style and premium quality.

Sizes: 120 x 170, 160 x 230, 200 x 290cm

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Devaldi Grey

Cairo Champagne

Cairo Bronze

Cairo Silver

In colours inspired by the desert mirages of Egypt, the silkiest, softest viscose adds a shimmering  lustre to each Cairo and Devaldi rug. Delicately and expertly hand woven in fine detail, creating a tight, smooth weave with a luxurious, intense metallic sheen which transforms from every angle. Premium quality, heavyweight rugs... bringing on-trend, hotel luxe into the home.

Sizes: 120 x 170, 160 x 230, 200 x 290*cm (*except Devaldi)

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Beau Multi

Sion Natural/Duck Egg

Daria Grey


Responsibly sourced design at its very best, using the latest techniques in recycling to transform plastics into PET yarn that can be dyed and spun into rich tones. Woven with recycled  silk, making each rug unique. Hand-tufted by skilled craftsmen, these on-trend Scandinavian inspired designs are created with care and compassion for our planet.

Sizes: 120 x 170, 160 x 230, 200 x 290cm

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Knightsbridge Gold

Dorchester Grey

Step back into the age of elegance, when the grand hotels of London created the ultimate in decadent living.  Metallic viscose gives a luxe edge to this hand-tufted wool collection with subtle, elegant motifs, hand-carved by India’s finest master-craftsmen to give greater depth and contrast. A statement in effortless style.

Sizes: 120 x 170, 160 x 230, 200 x 290, 150 x 150, 60 x 230cm

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Vega Grey/Multi

Sirius Grey/Multi


Soho is art for your floor... a 3D effect in densely woven wool with vibrant space-dyed viscose that really gives these rugs the wow factor. Hand-tufted in India by time-honoured craftsmen who skilfully create the subtly nuanced tones that give each rug its unique beauty.

Sizes: 120 x 170, 160 x 230, 200 x 290cm

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Iris Pink

Loxley White/Grey

Exceptional craftsmanship of the highest standard creates these stunning rugs. Heavyweight wool is hand-tufted in India in a looped base with cut pile design, and blended with viscose on Iris. The designs are dramatically enhanced by their embossed relief, skilfully hand-carved for maximum effect. Premium quality that demands admiration.

Sizes: 120 x 170, 160 x 230, 200 x 290cm

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Navajo Natural/Blue

Auckland Grey

Agra Grey


Inspired by adventure, travel the earth with this stunning range of bespoke designs. Traditionally hand-tufted and hand-woven in India in a variety of wool, viscose and cotton polyester yarns, each rug is a work of art and
draws together eclectic cultures from the Far East, the Himalayas and the beauty of Native American culture.

Sizes: 120 x 170, 160 x 230cm

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Bianco Chenille Turquoise

Bianco Chenille Denim Blue

Bianco Chenille Cerise


Lavish your home with Palais... silky soft acrylic chenille with a shimmering layer of intense sheen that creates a metallic look. Created in Turkey by craftsmen, soft plush fibres are woven to give an on-trend gently distressed feel to the rich, jewel colours. A very modern twist on tradition with the latest in stain resistant technology which is OEKO-TEX certified and environmentally friendly.

Sizes:120 x 170, 160 x 230, 200 x 290*cm (*except Turquoise)

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