A lovely remainder of how beautiful change can truly be. As nature is calling, we at e-Rugs have some catalogue to show how you can decorate or renovate your floor with flowers and colors.

It’s spring time:

The tampa collection were designed to express movement in nature floral and a remembrance of the texture nature provides us. Bursts of white and grey showcasing intricate details in petals, buds and bloom breathe excitement into this collection.

Bright, Bold and Bohemian


Blue Décor:

Drawing inspiration from marine life, Brilliance sparks blue picks plain shaggy that reflect in sea or seaside color, that will bring the spring spark to your room. Bring in freshness in your space with blue color.

Bright, Bold and Bohemian  
Luxmi Textures:

The luxmi textures gold iris floral collection let weavers tell their original design stories using rugs as their canvas. The designs are dramatically enhanced by their embossed relief detail with floral pattern in wool.

Bright, Bold and Bohemian  


V&A Honeysuckle:
Bright, Bold and Bohemian  

This beautiful rug features a detail from Honeysuckle, one of Morriss furnishing fabric designs from the 1870s. The original design is a rambling arrangement of poppies, tulips and honeysuckle.

Infinite Blossom:
Bright, Bold and Bohemian  

Infinite Blossom is a gorgeous collection in vivid tones which brings in fresh vibes and talk about adding a chic and feminine touch into the living spaces.

Cocktail Blossom:

This elegant collection is a modern take on florals in the soft light of grey and ochre colors. This stylish fabulous rug has a soft hand feel and is ideal for today’s contemporary décor.

Bright, Bold and Bohemian  

Santiago rugs feature a natural look in a solid earthy colours hue that's perfect for enhancing the look of any indoor space 100% polypropylene with a durable textured pile.

Bright, Bold and Bohemian