Once you've selected the couch that's right for you and your space, and a coffee table to match, it's time to outfit your living room with the perfect rug. From natural material rugs like Sisal and Jute to handmade rugs and vintage Persian or oriental show-stoppers, we've rounded up the very best living room to kids’ rugs.



Bold, multi-coloured geometric pattern is the latest trend. Use bold rugs to create the focal point of a room. Pick out a few favourite colors from within the rug design to use throughout the space (think wall décor), and create balance with smaller-scaled prints. Accent cushions on a seating are an easy (and fun) go-to here.

Multicolor shag rugs are a wonderful alternative to deciding on a one-color area rug. As long as the hues in a multicolor shag match one or two of the accessories in the room it will work.

Remember, shags require a bit more TLC than average area rugs and aren’t the best choice for high traffic areas especially in homes with pets and children. A multicolor shag is a playful addition to a room and is an excellent pick for a bedroom.



What we Love: Hanging big, beautiful rugs on the wall, to match a colourful, bubbling personality

If you fancy a cosy wool rug in multi-colour, we have the perfect rug. The Moda Yara Geometric Multi Wool Rug features hand-drawn patterns and technicolour hues that are as unique and as striking as its namesake and inspiration.


The geometric pattern of this rug paired with whimsical colours, is the perfect rug to add a subtle yet fashion statement.