Dream-catchers, fairy lights, a forest of indoor plants, scatter cushions scattered everywhere, candles and a whole lot of wicker…

Bohemian is back and it’s brighter than ever. It’s hard to put your finger on an exact definition of this trend, but a quick scroll through Pinterest will put you on the right track. We’d describe it as an exotic space that you can’t help but want to get lost in. It’s understandable why it’s one of 2019’s most covetable trends.

Once you’re out of your bohemian bubble, like us you’ll come crashing down to earth and realise that you don’t have time to dust hundreds of interesting ornaments and that many indoor plants is an unreasonable amount to make your house-sitter water. If you want this style but not in every physical corner, a rug can work really well in defining your own little bohemian paradise without taking over your whole life.


Bright, Bold and Bohemian


We’ve all seen the enviable bohemian living rooms on Pinterest. A sea of colours. The floor lost amidst scatter cushions. Exotic tasselled blankets draped from sofas and beanbags alike. If you can see the wall in between the unusual ornaments and towering house plants it’s probably a bright and bold rosy hue that makes itself right at home in this bohemian haven. The mix and match style of neo-boho can give your space character and warmth, making it a welcoming space for all your guests, and the perfect trend to shake off those winter blues.

Giving your whole home a bohemian aesthetic will be a lot of work, begin with a smaller space. The bohemian trend is all about being comfy and welcoming. It’s an ideal trend for a space like a living room – where family and friends get together, or a bedroom – where comfort is paramount.

To keep on top of this bright bohemian trend, colour is key, even on the floor. The perfect partner to define your own bohemian utopia is our new range of Menara rugs. Warm, bright colours accentuate the rambling geometric designs that keep the boho trend in the 21st century. Citrusy hues of orange and yellow give you that ‘just-off-the-plane’ feeling, transporting you to an exotic setting.


Bright, Bold and Bohemian


On it’s own the Menara rug will give a neutral room a pop of colour and define an area as the centre of attention. Chairs can be thing of the past, in a living room we recommend pairing on of our Menara rugs with a natural cane or wicker table and a smattering of different coloured beanbags and cushions to create the perfect bohemian meeting spot for you and all the family. Indoor plants can add texture and height to your casual floor seating space, cacti will give your space an on-trend exotic atmosphere. For some night-time lighting try candle lanterns or low hanging wicker ceiling lights to create the perfect welcoming atmosphere.

To create the ultimate cosy space in your room we recommend creating a bohemian bed. Our Menara rug comes in three sizes 80x150, 120x170 or 160x230, by choosing a larger size you can define your own bohemian paradise on your bed, check out our Rug Layout Guide for the best way to do this. Now its time to experiment, Bohemian style is all about different colours and textures, drape different throws onto your bed and pile up the cushions, neutral bedding will help make these different colours and textures pop. Fairy lights add warm and gentle lighting that’ll define your space as a welcoming paradise. Try replacing a bedside table with a tall house plant and hang light paper decorations for an easy-to-recreate bohemian style.


Bright, Bold and Bohemian

The Bohemian trend gives you compete freedom, experiment with colours, shapes, textures and our vibrant Menara rug to create the ultimate adaptable bohemian utopia.